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Sound Proof Fencing

Sound Proof Fencing Services

All Seasons Landscape and Garden Maintenance supply and install sound barrier acoustic fencing, a revolutionary environmental noise barrier system to combat the growing problem of noise pollution in our increasingly crowded environment.

Both soundproof and attractive, All Seasons offer a wide range of acoustic fencing, sound barriers and gates, all of which balance high performance and economy without compromising on quality or functionality.

A service you’ll want to shout about, even if your neighbours won’t hear!

Tested to the highest of standards

Whether a residential, commercial or industrial setting, we will have the bespoke system to suit your needs. Specifically designed to satisfy the stringent Highway Performance Standards, tested and compliant to BS EN 1794-1 and BS EN 1794-2 and with the Highways Sector Scheme 2C, our acoustic panel systems provide the very best of protection.

This level of quality and efficiency also means our acoustic fencing is ideal for use in railway and highway applications.

Whether your aim is to provide a safer working environment for your employees, comply with legislation or simply to reclaim the peace and tranquillity of your garden, make All Seasons your first port of call for a friendly and professional service.

CBeebies Land Alton Towers

We were recently employed by the world famous Alton Towers’ theme park to supply and install an acoustic barrier around an attraction in their Cbeebies Land.

While the colour scheme may not be to everyone’s taste, these images demonstrate the versatility of our systems. The team at All Seasons are confident when we say that we are able to provide acoustic sound barriers for any situation, or taste.

Dog Kennel Sound Proof Fencing

A little more traditional than the Alton Towers’ fencing, these images show an installation at a kennel.

This sound proof fencing application keeps the dogs and most of their noise inside, enabling a great facility to stay open without causing distress to neighbouring properties.

Proper sound management helps communities stay close, helps avoid conflicts with neighbours and keeps everyone happy.

Our sound proof fencing can also help resolve conflicts that have already arisen without the need for parties to relocate. Contact us now to find out how our sound proof fencing can help you and your community.

Sound Barrier Fencing

Shown here being used to add height and sound proofing to an existing garden wall in a residential propery. Great news if you enjoy a peaceful garden.

Electricity Substation Soundproof Fencing

A functional and efficient, high screen installation around a buzzing electricity substation.

Channel 4

We were proud to be involved in Sarah Beeny’s Channel 4 television show, “Double your house for half the money”, where acoustic fencing was installed to absorb the noise from the nearby road which had previously spoilt the family’s enjoyment of their new home.

Solar Farm Screen Fencing

Some of our recent acoustic fencing jobs

Acoustic Fencing Sound Test

See the benefits of our products for yourself.

This video was taken during the sound test after our installation at a water treatment plant. The noise we were tasked with reducing comes from industrial blowers.

Had our installation not been successful then this plant would have to have been decommissioned, but with our help it remains in operation.

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